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Did you know that every listing photography order comes with a property site and marketing kit included? I was surprised to learn that most of the agents did not realize the marketing kit came with the photos. Below is a video introducing you to the power of the marketing kit that comes with your listing photography at no additional cost.

YouTube video

The Property Website

All of our listing packages include a property website that will help you promote your listing. It can be completely customized with all of the property details. This includes not only the basic information like rooms, square footage, description, etc. It also includes all the images and all of the other media you ordered. We have a bunch of designs so you are not stuck with the same-ole design as everyone else. Optionally, you can also purchase a custom domain name for the property website. I.E

Property Site

Property QR Codes

We generate unique QR codes that can be used in print to easily direct potential buyers to the property website. If you do not know what a QR code is or how it works, here is a quick lesson.

A QR code is a unique image that can be scanned with a smartphone and it will open a specific site or app. In this case, it opens up the property website.

Here are a few ideas on how to use the QR code.

  • Include the QR code on your print advertising.
  • Have the QR code on the flyer that you leave in the house.
  • Use the QR Code on your yard sign.
  • Save the QR code on your phone. Then when you are with someone that wants to see the property you can pull up the QR code and have them scan it.

The QR code has a bunch of use cases if you get a little creative.

Social Media Tiles

You can use the social media tiles on social media. We have a bunch of different designs and those designs come in the popular aspect ratio.

All of the designs can be customized with the image you want to use, the colors you want to use, the font, the font size, and more. When it comes to making the design your own, we have you covered. You can get creative or just you the defaults. The choice is up to you.

Flyers, Printable Materials, and Attachments

You can create and customize printable flyers right inside our site.

You can customize the text, the color, the font, the photos, and choose from multiple layouts. The design freedom is awesome. No more paying an expensive graphic artist for flyers.

Site Videos

We create multiple site videos for every listing. These videos are composed from the images. Video True View Walk Through and Zillow videos are different from these.

We automatically create a couple of different videos. A teaser video that is great for Instagram and a Teaser Wide video that is great for YouTube and Facebook. A wide-format branded video and a wide format unbranded video. These are great for YouTube and Facebook.

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  • Paula Clair Smith

    Thanks so much! What a valuable offering. This gives me lots of ideas.

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